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The Omega Family by Color17
The Omega Family
So I spent the last hour of my day doing a sketch of the Omega family on Corpus Rahkshi on BZP with two goals: 1) Draw a group picture; 2) Try to create my own drawing style. I think I accomplished the two somewhat. I would like to give credit to jimmybob83 since I based the spines on his versions of the three types Rahkshi that are in this photo. 

Another thing I would note is that I was so tired that I made the mistake of sharpie-ing the faces and some decals...ruining the authenticity of it just being a sketch...

I might make this and actual drawing.

So here are the Rahkshi and what they are saying from left to right:

Omega (Ω): I have a sister?
The original character, and Rahkshi of Magnetism, played by VahkiDane on BZP. He was a cool character, but met his demise at the hands of Exxan. I didn't know how I would implement him at first, but once I remembered that I was doing a comedic sketch of sorts, I simply put him in with a halo and angel wings.

Mu is played by Chandra Nalaar on BZP, and I drew him the way he was described: a Chibi Omega. I also wanted to give his spoons...but I didn't now where to put them. I would have found him adorable if I drew him differently. I should have drawn him more chibi-ish.

Alpha (A): Grr...
Intended on being a joke character to annoy the living Karz out of fellow player Roman for killing Omega, she turned into a character that I actually wanted to play seriously. But with Exxan's untimely faked demise, she kinda lost a purpose...Hopefully with the appearance of Eps and Mu will Alpha develop...and hopefully get across the idea that she's actually related to them. If you haven't figured it out, I play this character on Corpus Rahkshi BZP.

Eps (E): ???
I don't really know much about him, except that he and Omega don't really get along. Unfortunate for him that the other siblings look almost like him. I think that out of all the sketches, he's not the greatest, considering how he's still a fresh character. But I do like the look of his tomahawks. He's played by VahkiDane.
Corpus Rahkshi: Alpha by Color17
Corpus Rahkshi: Alpha
The design for this was heavily based on Click's Omega (or 0nuku) since she is the twin sister of him. She has a couple of weapons, primarily her halberd. She also carries a knife, a tomahawk, and Omega's Forge-Biter.

Either way, I'm not entirely sure if I got across the feminine look (the head doesn't help either) and the fact that she is Alpha...but I like it nonetheless.
Chromatic Power #004: Reflection by Color17
Chromatic Power #004: Reflection
Mirror is a Toa of Reflection, and his power works after he has physical contact with another Toa for a certain amount of time. He can attain their powers and their weapon proficiency. Thus being like a living reflection.
And yet here I am. 9 days before school starts and it's been about a year with no new comic and a few months without any content.

So what have I been doing on my hiatus?

Not much honestly...

But hark! I come with a new series that I will be putting my full comic orientated focus on. I do have a few story projects soon. But I will release those once I finish.


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United States
I've been a fan of Bionicle since 2004. Love drawing the characters and moved to drawing other things, like Pokemon, Megaman, and more. Around 2010, I started making crudely drawn comics, but when I went discovered BZP, I learned the magnificent art of sprite comic making. And that's how I became who I am today.

Now I've been working on some uber-cool projects with my brother PhoenixFireBlaze, and I've adopted a new persona for this account.

In my free time, I do stopmotion. And trying to learn flash.

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