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Gambit - Toa of the Constellation Aries by Color17
Gambit - Toa of the Constellation Aries
Somehow, although he would be one of the protagonist (should I take all 88 characters in put them in a story), he seems to be the most bland. He also looks a lot like Tahu.

Name: Gambit, Constellation Toa of Aries
Species: Toa
Gender: Male


  • He is of the Fire element allowing him to create, manipulate, and absorb fire. This also gives him enhanced heat resistance.

  • His Constellation is Aries and gives him the special “Stratagem” ability. While conscious and lucid, he is able to take any data relevant to the upcoming conflict at hand—provided that he had studied beforehand, otherwise it is based on conjectures—and form a strategy that will be sure to succeed. Of course this is only hampered if he is unclear in his direction, or if he is simply drawing on conjectures.


  • He wields a normal protosteel shortsword.

  • He wears the Kanohi Hau as he is very defensive and prefers to not involve himself in battle. Furthermore, the mask is very symbolic of leadership.

Appearance: He is primarily red and black with his upper arm and thigh armor being gold. His Hau is red.
Biography: Gambit was born with an eye for strategy. Due to his intellect, he immediately moved to Ko-Coran to study with the most intelligent of Matoran. There he met fellow students and friends, Juria and Fluxx. After graduation, they decided to hang out at the observatory floor of Crystal Hall and watch the meteor shower together. That day will bring them closer to destiny, but mostly closer to the skies. There they found themselves transformed into Toa by three of the 12 Zodiac constellations. Gambit would be chosen by Aries, who increased his strategic capabilities and what set him up as leader of the three. Realizing that he had a purpose, he accepted this quest to bring together the 88 and to shine light over the darkness once and for all.
Personality: Gambit is a very impulsive and courageous person. Despite being the only one out of the three to not have a lot of combat training, his optimistic thinking has allowed him to persevere through adversary and adversity. Driven to succeed due to his immense potential, he often tries to put off an independent and enthusiastic flair. Despite this he tends to be a lot more toned down around his closest of companions.

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Auric - Toa of the Constellation Ara by Color17
Auric - Toa of the Constellation Ara

Name: Auric, Constellation Toa of Ara
Species: Toa
Gender: Male

  • He is of the Light element allowing him to create, manipulate, and absorb light. This also gives him the ability to change his color, if he wanted, and had special control over making solid light projections.

  • His Constellation is Ara and gives him the special “Prayer” ability. He can utter certain phrases that will have certain effects on the battlefield. These effects are primarily summoning spells or positive buffs. Prayers can be spoken while conscious or not. Effects may be weakened if his resolve and morale is lowered. Phrases have been written down in a small pamphlet for reference.


  • He wields a pair of special khopesh. The khopesh blade can eject to act as a grappling hook.

  • He has a special dirk that he used to use for spiritual purposes.

  • He wears the Mask of Psychometry, allowing him to understand something about artifacts and tools, and to (hopefully) track others.

Appearance: He was white and gold, but chooses to be primarily tan and carrot orange. He wears a cream colored cloak, that has partially aged over time. His Kanohi mask is tan.
Biography: Auric was born in an isolated desert temple and was raised in preparation to accept the gift of the light. His family is one of the only families to have been the sole bearers of celestial power. In their case, it was Ara, the altar constellation due to the family’s history of pious reverence to the stars. But one day, in the attempts of the darkness to swallow the light, came to the temple and overwhelmed its occupants. Auric was forced to use his powers to hide in the sands, while he watched his family die. When they were gone, he buried all 37 of his family members. As he was putting the last grains of sand on his parents, Ara’s light shone upon him granting him his birthright. Feeling obligated by the light and guilty towards his family, he goes to find the heroes to warn them about the dangerous plot of the shadows: To find and kill the heroes before they are blessed.

Personality: Despite being traumatized as a Matoran, he is still quite enthusiastic and tries to keep an optimistic view on life as hope is essentially the source of his Constellation’s power. He is dedicated to the battles between light and shadow and is considered by Gambit to be the most vigilant out of all the Toa. In battle, he is able to ignore the insignificant taunts an enemy would say, but he can be very sensitive if they use his background against him. But when that happens the guilt and sadness is usually used to fuel his desire to win, and to bring honor back to his family, rather than lower his resolve.

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Altair, Toa of the Constellation Aquila by Color17
Altair, Toa of the Constellation Aquila

Name: Altair, Constellation Toa of Aquila
Species: Toa
Gender: Male


  • He is of the Air element allowing him to create, manipulate, and absorb air. This also gives him enhanced agility.

  • His Constellation is Aquila which gives him the “Eagle Eye” power. He is able to seek out choice targets from afar, as long as he knows who he is looking for.


  • He carries a crossbow that is able to fire arrows at a considerably long distance.

  • He also carries a falchion for melee combat.

  • He wears a Kanohi Kadin for its flight capabilities.

Appearance: Altair is green and desert tan, with a tan birdlike Kadin. Unlike his desert brethren, he doesn’t wear a cloak and instead uses his element to protect himself from the sand.
Biography: Altair was one who was orphaned and abandoned at birth, and let to die in the desert. However he found himself raised by a wandering band of desert nomads, and was trained in using their ranged weaponry. One night, he was training by himself under a clear sky when the stars shone brightly on him, giving him the powers of a Toa, and of the stars. Luckily this happened before a group of shadowy creatures came to try and kill him and the tribe, but with his newfound powers, he was able to save the tribe. Altair realized that there was more to be done and when another wanderer came looking for him, he was more than willing to join.

Personality: Altair is a serious fighter, especially since his power comes with vulnerabilities. But he tries to be kind and sympathetic, even though it often comes out as arrogant and aloof. He is incredibly loyal, evidently seen as he didn’t back down when his tribe was attacked. Altair is also the observant person, able to make connections that his fellow Toa may not have noticed, and is trusted and regarded highly by Gambit.

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Fluxx, Toa of the Constellation Aquarius by Color17
Fluxx, Toa of the Constellation Aquarius
Time to chill with this next ConstellaToa.

Name: Fluxx, Constellation Toa of Aquarius
Species: Toa
Gender: Male

  • He is of the Ice element allowing him to create, manipulate, and absorb ice. This also gives him enhanced resistance to cold.

  • His Constellation is Aquarius and gives him the special “Flood Watch” ability. He is able to induce water to flood to either impede enemy progress and/or to help gather water for his own attacks. Of course, the ability works if he is aware that water is around where he wants it to flood, whether it be from a lake, river, or a water main pipe. Waters will recede if he wills it to, or if he is unconscious.


  • He wields tanks of water that connect to pressurized water miniguns that he uses to suck in water and fire at his foes. A special function of the blaster is that he can cool the air around the nozzle so that the water, upon leaving the hose, will instantly begin to freeze, pelting the enemy in a pseudo hail.

  • He wears a specialized Kaukau with the glass appearing to be like a pair of shades.

Appearance: Fluxx has white and navy blue, with sky blue markings. His Kaukau is white and has black tinted lenses that appear to look like sunglasses.
Biography: Fluxx was born in Ko-Coran, and unlike the more aloof citizens in the city, he is more sociable. He managed to get into the Crystal Hall, a prestigious college for Matoran where he met his future friends Juria and Fluxx. After graduation, they decided to hang out at the observatory floor of Crystal Hall and watch the meteor shower together. What they happened to witness was beyond their expectations as they found themselves transformed into Toa by three of the 12 Zodiac constellations. Fluxx would be chosen by Aquarius, who granted him more water-based capabilities. Since there wasn’t anything better to do, he gladly went with the flow of destiny.
Personality: Fluxx is literally the most chill guy out there. He considers himself the epitome of cool as nothing usually catches him by surprise or manages to change his expression from his typical straight face. He often goes with the flow, usually in the direction of the majority. But this doesn’t stop him from asserting his own opinions as clear as ice and water. He’s a fiercely loyal friend as he always looks out for the not-so-experienced Gambit and the very indecisive and blind Justia and considers himself to be like an older brother to them.

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Capoe, Toa of the Constellation Apus by Color17
Capoe, Toa of the Constellation Apus
Bird. Cool, there's a couple birds in the list of constellations. Dancing bird. Ooh! Something I can use.

If you haven't guessed, the constellation Apus is for the bird-of-paradise, a bird with...strange and bizarre mating habits. This guy is one of my first good hand drawn picture that isn't a person just standing there. 

Name: Capoe, Constellation Toa of Apus
Species: Toa
Gender: Male

  • He is of the Air element allowing him to create, manipulate, and absorb air. This also gives him enhanced agility.

  • His Constellation is Apus giving him the special "Flirtation" ability. If he is visibly clean and can be clearly heard, he is able to talk to any female being and manipulate them through conversation to gain whatever information he needs. This ability does not work on those that are blessed by the stars or those that do not find any male attractive.


  • He has specialized clawed feet and hands.

  • He wears the Kanohi Calix as it aids him in his elaborate dance and battle style.

Appearance: He is black and green, with hints of chartreuse. His mask is black with a silver triangle on his head. He has green eyes. Some of his armor has a feathery look to it. His legs, and particularly his feet, are especially bird-like.
Biography: He was a professional dancer for theater, yet believed that life held more for him than just entertainment. So it didn’t came to him as a surprise when he was turned into a Toa while in a practice choreography session. Unable to participate in Matoran sized stages, he turned his attention the more worldly stage. Quickly he learned what it takes to be a hero, and a little fangirl following in Le-Coran. Immediately his power activated, being one of the first Celestis Toa to do so, as he found that he could direct the girls’ attention away from him, or use them to pester the paparazzi so that he could make a quick getaway. When a group of Toa with similar origins approached him, he immediately knew what to do.
Personality: He is fairly camera shy, and is unwilling to talk to anyone with an active camera. This does not stop him, however, from being quite the socialite. He is quite social, and he’ll often set up meets with his fan base when not occupied with hero-ing, and will often wow them with some dance moves and sign autographs. At heart, he is a romantic as he sees the world as a stage for him to act out the part of the hero, but still knows enough common sense for him to not to simply go in claws a’ shreddin’.

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It's a question that you might be asking me when you eventually see 10 of these on here. So to clarify, Last month I dared myself to take the 88 modern constellations, and make 88 Toas that belong to the same universe and link them somehow. I've already got about seven characters made and drawn by the time of the initial posting of this entry, but only two of them are actually posted. I'm going to keep a list here as a track of my progress and as a table of contents for anyone else who happens upon these creations. (But then again I do have a gallery folder for this...)

Andromeda - Kusari
Antila - Atmos
Apus - Capoe
Aquarius - Fluxx
Aquila - Altair
Ara - Auric
Aries - Gambit
Auriga - Carrus
Boötes - Herald
Caelum - Mark
Camelopardalis - Cerva
Cancer - Oma
Canes Venatici - 
Canis Major - 
Canis Minor -
Capricornus -
Carina -
Cassiopeia - 
Centaurus -
Cepheus - 
Cetus -
Chamaeleon -
Circinus -
Columba -
Coma Berenices -
Corona Austrina -
Corona Borealis -
Corvus -
Crater -
Crux -
Cygnus -
Delphinus -
Dorado -
Draco -
Equuleus -
Eridanus -
Fornax -
Gemini -
Grus -
Hercules -
Horologium -
Hydra -
Hydrus -
Indus -
Lacerta -
Leo -
Leo Minor -
Lepus -
Libra - 
Lupus - 
Lynx -
Lyra -
Mensa -
Microscopium -
Monoceros -
Musca -
Norma -
Octans -
Ophiuchus -
Orion -
Pavo -
Pegasus -
Perseus -
Phoenix -
Pictor -
Pisces -
Piscis Austrinus -
Puppis -
Pyxis -
Reticulum -
Sagitta -
Sagittarius -
Scorpius -
Sculptor -
Scutum -
Serpens -
Sextans -
Taurus -
Telescopium -
Triangulum -
Triangulum Australe -
Tucana -
Ursa Major -
Ursa Minor -
Vela -
Virgo -
Volans -
Vulpecula -
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  • Listening to: To The Stars - Braken


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In my free time, I do stopmotion. And trying to learn flash.

Recently I haven't been able to post as many comics since I'm in high school. But I can still put up some artwork!

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