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Dreidel, Dance Master by Color17
Dreidel, Dance Master
DANCE DANCE BABY! I made this guy based on one of my favorite robot masters. Planning to make a MOC of him soon.

Powers and Weapons: He's a Toa with the power of Lightning. He normally uses it to form lightning top projectiles, but he isn't afraid to redirect and spawn lightning bolts.
He also has Weather Control via Dance. Depending on his dance moves, he can do things that range from redirecting breezes to summoning tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms.
He's also got some retractable bladed rollerskates to spin, dance, and move faster. The blades were originally guardrails for his wheels but found blades more effective when he kicked a foe in the face. He's got a Kakama.

Biography: After a war between the Tribe of Dance and the Tribe of Song, he was praised as one of the heroes of his tribe when in one of the big battles, he shot tops at his opponents while spinning around to create tornados. He was practicing the techniques for a Hurricane when he was taken away for BIONIFIGHT.
Chroma, The Creator by Color17
Chroma, The Creator

Chroma a.k.a. The Creator

Species: Toa (in Bionicle)

Gender: Male


  • Toa/Master of Color and Paint

    • Elemental Control over Color (Basically Light in Bionicle but with limitations):

    • Control over Paint

  • Color Shift: By tapping one or more of the nine button on his Color Cell, he can transmute into a warrior made out of oil paints that are resistant to water. Each color grants him a set fighting style and an element. However, he can only create elements, and can’t control it. He is unable to use/control any other color/paint except for the ones he pressed. Tapping more than one button can combine the abilities.

    • Red: A fist fighter, his knuckles have spikes to deal more punching damage. Also grant the ability to create fire. In this form is the color of fire and blood, so he is battle hungry, brash, and strong (hence the association with fists), determined, passionate, and romantic.

    • Orange: A demolitions and rockets expert, able to create rocket propelled grenades with a 2 meter radius. Also grants the ability to create metal. In this form, he’s enthusiastic, easily fascinated, excitable (hence the association with explosions), determined, charismatic, encouraging, and stimulated.

    • Yellow: A foot ahead of the rest of the forms, he has bladed rollerskates on his feet. Also grants the ability to make lightning. In this form, he’s joyful, happy, intelligent, and energetic(hence the association with lightning).

    • Green: A stealthy one, given the power of invisibility (like a green screen), but still has an outline (because using the Magic Eraser on Photoshop sucks). Also grants the ability of creating plantlife. He is associated with growth and fertility (hence the association with plants). In this form, he is enlightened and defensive.

    • Blue: A mind manipulator, able to using telekinesis and mind reading...and that’s it. Also grants the ability of portal creation. In this form, he is trustworthy, loyal, wise, confident, intelligent, faithful, honest. Yet sometimes he can be manipulative. These powers are based on the Blue cards of MtG

    • Purple: A noble and royal figure, able to summon and command small, 1 foot high versions of himself to fight for him. Also grants the ability of creating wind. In this form associated with royalty, he is noble, luxurious, and ambitious, and commanding.

    • Brown: Hammer time! He wields a hammer. Also grants the ability of creating earth and stone. In this form, he is honest, down-to-earth (hence the association with earth), and firm.

    • Black: Wields a sword and can poison. In this form he is formal, mysterious, and sometimes dark (hence the association with darkness).

    • White: Wields a staff and can heal. In this form he is good, perfectionist, and bright (hence the association with light).

  • Mastery over Ink

  • Artistic Mastery


  • Color Cell

    • A gauntlet with a nine button interface. It allows his to choose colors of paint to transmute into.

  • Multiple enchanted pens, pencils, paintbrushes, other drawing tools

  • Enchanted paper clips and other crafts tools

  • Enchanted origami paper

  • Enchanted piano and guitar


  • As a Matoran of supposedly no element, he was shunned. However, as an artistic Matoran, he quickly learned how to use paints and colors to make masterpieces that he kept to himself. Somewhere along the lines of his life, he found a Toa Stone and became a Toa.


  • Quick-witted, intuitive, creative, and intelligent are words to describe him. He loves art with a passion and fighting doesn't give him an excuse to stop. He’s always testing and experimenting with new things and is always willing to share his ideas.

Agent 'Maglev' (Alternate Polarity) by Color17
Agent 'Maglev' (Alternate Polarity)
After some Chem studying I came up with a cool character involving Magnetic Levitation.

So he is Dua-Toa, or Dual Element Toa, specifically a Toa of Magnetism and Ice. Hence his nickname of "North Pole."

  • Maglev was formerly known as “North Pole” Polarity. His nickname “North Pole" was given to him by his colleagues due to his abilities over Magnetism and Ice. He was chosen for the BioTech Initiative, involving two programs, the Bio Program and the Tech Program, in which they randomly selected Toa for an experiment. Polarity fell into the Tech Program in which he was outfitted with the newly developed Tesla Coil System, a wearable tesla generator system that can create an electrical field around his body that can improve his fighting. He was then sent on a mission to defeat a Cordak arms dealer. Using his new ability to fly using electromagnetic levitation and his electricity in general, he was able to accomplish the task. Because of this, he was a success, and was then known as Maglev. He has continued to work for the Initiative since then.


  • He may have been childish before the project, but he has matured since then. Ever since he learned of the risks behind his technology, he has made sure that he was prepared for anything. Like his prime counterpart, he is trustworthy, hardworking, and tactical. At heart, he just wants to find a way to live a normal life. But for now he is a loyal servant to the Cybertech Initiative, fighting for the goodwill and safety of his people. He is also antisocial, preferring to work by himself, but he can easily warm up to others.

Polarity (Prime), The Scales by Color17
Polarity (Prime), The Scales
Polarity... He's one of the three self-MOCs I have, and the second one to have been drawn.

I could just copy-paste what I've already written/typed, but I'll tell you about him myself.

So Polarity is obviously a Fa-Toa/Toa of Magnetism, hence the name.

He was made with the constellation Libra—not my constellation btw—in mind. And so the first thing that came to mind about the Scales, was balancing and that created the first of his abilities.
  • Balancing the Scales - Allows Polarity to, in trade of temporarily losing his Magnetism, use the ability of an opponent in his right hand, and its opposite (depending on his subconscious/environment) in his left hand. The attacks he can make with those two are usually ranged.

One thing to note is that I put Meditation as the second ability. That is not so, and is actually called Equality, but it does include meditation.
  • Equality - A passive that basically helps to balance his mind, body, and soul. Polarity will enter meditation when damaged in either or all of his aspects to recover.

And since the Scales has some relation to law and judgement I decided on creating this finisher.
  • Judgement - This usually done with a large hammer, but can be done with a large sword for a varying effect. Polarity will first pin his opponent down using a magnetic field. After that, he'll slam the target as hard as he can with the hammer. The final effect is usually spine-breaking...or halving if using a sword.

Polarity has a strong mental compass and can sense Psionics when in use as well.

Besides that, on the image, he has his sword, The Magnet, and his bow, retracted and mounted on his thigh.

On this picture I gave him my own rendition of an unmutated Crast, instead of the Akaku that I gave to the MOC.

And if you want to see his MOC and other details go here:…
Proto (Shift), Symbiotic Warriors by Color17
Proto (Shift), Symbiotic Warriors
Here's the first of the pile.

Proto (The Host)

Species: Matoran ➔ Toa
Gender: Male
Personality and traits: Proto is a brave and courageous Matoran/Toa and his only faults lie in the fact that he feels inferiority due to lack of powers.
Powers and weapons:

  • Proto-Toa: No elemental powers

  • Kanohi:

    • Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding

    • Kanohi Mahiki, Mask of Illusion

  • Weapons & Armor: Shadowslayer

    • Armor: Skin is specialized Organic ProtoSteel-KlakkMail alloy that can’t be magnetized.

      • KlakkMail properties: Allows him to be protected by Shadow attacks.

Description: He is a pure silver individual as he is a being of specialized ProtoSteel-KlakkMail alloy that can’t be magnetized. He is tall for a Toa. After bonding with Shift, his armor has blue and gold accents.
History: Born an orphan with no powers, he was ignored by most of his own species for being useless. However, because some people thought that he was special he has received special training. He was taught to guard his mind by a Ce-Matoran Teacher named Psi, trained in the arts of blacksmithing by his best friend and roommate Carace, and learned to use a sword by Shift, a friendly Rahkshi that he learns to be actually a Light Rahkshi. He hopes to find a way to defeat the Makuta to prove himself.

Shift (The Kraata Arm Symbiote a.k.a. Once a Rahkshi)

Gender: Male
Personality and traits: Smart and cunning. He is also noble. Unlike most mindless Rahkshi, he actually wants to protect the Matoran.
Powers and weapons:

  • Power/Level: Shapeshifing Level 5 ➔ Level 6

  • Weapons & Armor: Twin Chakram, Spine Knives

    • Armor: Rahkshi Gauntlet

Description: Once a blue and gold Rahkshi His Kraata Dark Grey/Bright Yellow Green
History: Shift was one of the Rahkshi affected by the Surge, but he feels like the Klakk have done this to them for a reason. His job in the Coastal Region is to serve a border patrol officer He disguises himself as small insects or creatures to meet up with his friend Proto and has trained him in sword fighting. He wants to help Proto defeat the Makuta but he hasn’t come up with a plan yet.

So here's the latest from me.

I'm prematurely ending Bionicle in Minecraft, because I want my full focus on BioFormers. I want to make this a series that I can truly be proud of (since it will be the last comic series involving Arctic.) Since I will end BiM will end in a cliffhanger, I can still pick it up again when I want. So I'll apologize if you are all offended by my actions, but I'll make sure that BioFormers and my other series afterwards will be much better.


Color17's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I've been a fan of Bionicle since 2004. Love drawing the characters and moved to drawing other things, like Pokemon, Megaman, and more. Around 2010, I started making crudely drawn comics, but when I went discovered BZP, I learned the magnificent art of sprite comic making. And that's how I became who I am today.

Now I've been working on some uber-cool projects with my brother PhoenixFireBlaze, and I've adopted a new persona for this account.

In my free time, I do stopmotion. And trying to learn flash.

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